The Case for Mars

Il y a des comportements d’adolescent qui perdurent bien après l’âge parait-il légal, ou du moins attendu. Celui de brailler chanter avec un casque sur les oreilles peut en faire partie…

Dans ma discothèque, un titre tient le haut du pavé pour avoir été chanté à tue-tête et en canon lors d’une simulation de colonisation martienne dans la Mars Desert Research Station de la Mars Society : il s’agit du Case for Mars, qui fait partie de la Symphony of Science, une démarche de vulgarisation scientifique que je vous recommande tant pour entraîner votre anglais que pour découvrir les sciences sous un nouveau jour.

En voici le clip – et plus bas les paroles – pour que, vous aussi, vous vous essayiez à la chansonnette.

The Case for Mars

[Robert Zubrin]
Mars is the next logical step
In our space program
It’s the challenge that’s been staring us in the face
For the past 30 years

It has water, it has carbon,
It has a 24 hour day
It has geothermal energy
Mars is a place we can settle

[Carl Sagan]
There is a giant rift in its surface
5,000 kilometers long
There is a volcano as wide as Arizona

So there’s the choice in life
One either grows or one decays
Grow or die
I think we should grow

Mars is a world of wonders

[Brian Cox]
It has canyons, river valleys,
and giant ice sheets

Mars is a world of wonders

It shouldn’t be humans to Mars in 50 years
It should be humans to Mars in 10

We either muster the courage to go
Or we risk the possibility of stagnation and decay

We’ve got cosmic radiation
Zero gravity
Martian dust storms
Back contamination

But these are dragons that we can take on

In our time we have sifted
The sands of Mars
Established a presence there
And fulfilled a century of dreams

The Mars rovers have really
Captured our imaginations
They genuinely are explorers
In the old-fashioned sense

If you put out a call
For volunteers for the first crew to Mars
They’d be lined up coast to coast


Mars is a dry frozen version of our home
Covered in red dust and sand

[Penelope Boston]
At one time
In the ancient past
Mars was very similar
To the conditions of early earth

There will always be people with new ideas
On how humans should live together

We now have « eyes » and « ears » on the surface

What’s left after you go is
The good you’ve left behind
You have to believe in hope
You have to believe in the future

There are more and more people coming around to the point of view that
A positive future for humanity requires human expansion to space


We’re at a crossroads today
We either muster the courage to go
Or we risk the possibility of stagnation and decay